Empowering you to create Conscious Interiors

We are on a mission to help you create beautiful and unique spaces while setting a new benchmark for the soft furnishings industry in regards to the reuse of our textile resources.

And we have set ourselves some BIG GOALS:

  • to stop 1500kg of unwanted textiles going to landfill by 2028
  • to be a truly closed loop, zero waste, carbon neutral company by 2025

Eco Friendly and Sustainable? Please explain

Eco Friendly and Sustainable are broad terms that get thrown around a lot these days, and often with little substance behind the words, so we thought it important to quantify why we think these terms apply to us.

At Eco Interiors we consider the impact of what we do at every level of our business, we would rather not be in business than run a business we thought was not conscious, sustainable and enviromentally friendly. We aren't perfect but we are constantly striving to improve. So if you think there is something we should be doing better please drop us a line - we are always open to suggestions!

So what are we doing and where are we going?

  • Our Fabric

  • Where we are now

    Our fabric comes from a wide variety of sources:

    • remnants and offcuts from commercial practices and hobby sewers
    • sample books of discontinued fabric from wholesalers / retailers
    • deadstock and end of roll fabrics
    • 100% natural fabrics bought from small Australian businesses with strong environmental policies.
    • We keep and reuse the smallest strips of fabric left over in the sewing process. Anything that is to small to reuse is recycled as fill for other products.

  • Where we are going

    We think we have this as good as we can get it, but we always love suggestions on how we can do better, so if you think we are missing a trick please drop us a line and let us know what it is.

  • Our Fabric Waste and Take Back Scheme

  • Where we are now

    We offer a take back scheme for all our products:

    • items that are unusable are recycled as fill for other products
    • items that still have some useable fabric will have that fabric reused and the remainder recycled as fill for other products
    • items that are in excellent second hand condition are rehomed by our second hand market place
    • we reward our customers for seeing the inherent value in our textile resources

  • Where we are going

    We are working hard towards a 100% closed loop system.

  • Our Sewing Thread

  • Where we are now

    We currently sew with Gutermann polyester thread but we are transitioning over to their recycled polyester/nylon thread. Gutermann have a strong sustainability policy and we made the decision to use a synthetic thread instead of 100% cotton for the sake of longevity or our product.

  • Where we are going

    As we move forward we will continue to assess the trade off between longevity and the end of life advantage of natural materials.

  • Zips and Buttons

  • Where we are now

    We predominantly use zips for closures on our cushions, as they give a clean finish and allow for double sided cushions, but are neither recyclable or reusable.

  • Where we are going

    • We are actively working to find a better solution for our current zips.
    • We are working toward a cost effective way to incorporate more recycled buttons in our products.
  • Cushion inserts

  • Where we are now

    We currently use cushion inserts made from 100% recycled PET from post consumer water bottles.

  • Where we are going

    • We are actively exploring the possibility of using our own recycled fibre to create cushion inserts
    • We are investigating the options for recycling old cushion inserts so they can be included in our take back scheme
  • Packaging, Shipping and Promotional Material

  • Where we are now

    • We ship via carbon neutral carriers
    • We use compostable or recycled/recyclable packaging
    • Our shipping labels and tape are compostable
    • All our promotional material is printed on recycled paper or card.
  • Where we are going

    • We are trialing a postage paid return sytem for all our packaging and promotional material so that we can reuse materials if appropriate.