Our Take Back Scheme and How it Works

We believe, as a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to ensure a viable end of life solution for all our products so we are proud to reward our customers by offering a comprehensive take back scheme.

  • Contact Us

    Contact us to let us know you have something to return and we will tell you how to get it to us.

  • Send

    Send us your item via the agreed shipping method from step 1.

  • Recieve

    When we receive your item we will send you a thank you in the way of a discount code from 5-15% depending on the condition of the item.

What happens to my returned cushion cover?

  • Items that are unuseable are recycled as fill for other products.
  • Items that still have some useable fabric will have that fabric reused and the remainder will be recycled as fill for other products.
  • Items that are in excellent second hand condition will be rehomed via our second hand market place

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